Gas Detection Instrumentation Hire

Gas Detection Instrumentation Hire

Weekly | Monthly | Long Term

Ideal for: Utility Outages, Mill Shutdowns, Plant Turnarounds, Environmental Cleanups O2, LEL, CO, CO2, CL2, CH4%, H2S, HCL, HCN, NO2, NO, NH3, PH3, SO2, VOC, VCM


We send instruments Australia wide to satisfy client’s needs.

All monitors are serviced, function checked and sent with a calibration certification ensuring an instrument that will work first time when you remove it from the packing.

Our pre-hire service ensures no further calibration costs for the end user.

Experienced technicians are available by phone to address any enquiries regarding the hired instrument and its application.

Instruments are set up for the specific needs of the client prior to dispatch

Long term contract hire can be managed by our company.

Exchange units are available next day in the event that there is a problem or an accident with a hired unit.



Zokal Safety Australia obtained Quality Assurance Accreditation in 2004 and has been registered for QA ISO 9001:2000, OH&S 18001- AS/NZ 4801 and Environmental 14001 with DAS (Direct Assessment Services) Registrars…more



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