Gas Detection Instrumentation Hire

Weekly | Monthly | Long Term
Ideal for: Utility Outages, Mill Shutdowns, Plant Turnarounds, Environmental Cleanups O2, LEL, CO, CO2, CL2, CH4%, H2S, HCL, HCN, NO2, NO, NH3, PH3, SO2, VOC, VCM


  • We send instruments Australia wide to satisfy client’s needs.
  • All monitors are serviced, function checked and sent with a calibration certification ensuring an instrument that will work first time when you remove it from the packing.
  • Our pre-hire service ensures no further calibration costs for the end user.
  • Experienced technicians are available by phone to address any enquiries regarding the hired instrument and its application.
  • Instruments are set up for the specific needs of the client prior to dispatch
  • Long term contract hire can be managed by our company.
  • Exchange units are available next day in the event that there is a problem or an accident with a hired unit.


Zokal Safety Australia obtained Quality Assurance Accreditation in 2004 and has been registered for QA ISO 9001:2000, OH&S 18001- AS/NZ 4801 and Environmental 14001 with DAS (Direct Assessment Services) Registrars…more


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